Partner Prayer Request – John Revel, Lifeline Chaplaincy

We would appreciate your prayer on something…I’m writing from Minneapolis…we were finally able to get out to meet our new grandson (COVID 19 delay). I have a meeting tomorrow at 5 PM (6 Eastern) with the Minneapolis PD Deputy Chief/Chief of Staff and one of the MPD chaplains to discuss the prospects of a Building […]

Partner Prayer Request – Hopeline Pregnancy Resource Center

Dear CCC, Please be praying for a one bedroom apartment to open up for an elderly person who needs a place to stay in Darien, CT. Please also pray that the unit would have laundry available as well. If you or someone you know may have the “answer” to this prayer request please contact Adrienne […]

Partner Prayer Request(s) – Ben Allen, Young Life

Hi there CCC! While reaching out to our partners for a video update on how COVID has affected their ministries we got a submission from Ben Allen (YoungLife) who added several other prayer requests in bullet points for us as a body to pray for. Wisdom in recruiting and hiring a dynamic female staff to […]

Urgent Partner Prayer Request – Frank & Gabby Caceres

I just received the picture you see below from Frank & Gabby Caceres, our mission partners that prepares future missionaries how to reach Muslims about Christ. we support in El Salvador. Please keep them in your prayers as the storm moves through. Especially at a time like this…

Partner Prayer Request – Jim O’neill

We received a couple of prayer request from our partner Jim & Sterling O’Neill this evening and I wanted to get them up as soon as possible… Sterling, Jim’s wife has just finally finished her round of cancer medication which has really taken its toll on her body. 28 Shots of medication were given to […]

Prayer Request – Hannah Hupal

Please pray for the safety of Hannah’s husband James as he continues to work throughout this dangerous time. He is working in highly populated areas and has two little girls (three if you count Hannah) at home. Please pray for health and protection for James during this time as well as for Hannah and the […]

Partner Prayer Request – LifeLine Chaplaincy – John Revell

Greetings, Guys, I pray you are all doing well in the midst of the current insanity. Just a quick update and request for prayer (and please share with your prayer team). Stamford’s Director of Public Safety and Health (Ted Jankowski) has requested that I add the Department of Health to my rounds because of the […]

Partner Prayer Request – Young Life, Mid Miami Valley OH – Brandon Neike

Attached is a list of our leaders. Please pray for them by name; that they would be firmly routed in Christ and share beautiful, unfiltered moments with Him daily. Leading YL is hard. The spring always brings weariness for volunteers and they need prayers for resilience, especially now. Please also lift up the following in […]

Partner Prayer Request – Mike & Debbie Bannon (WorldVenture Mobalizers)

CCC, we pray that you are well!  We are praying for you at Christ Community. please be praying about our whole schedule which has been turned upside down.  Conferences and trips have had to be cancelled. So as a result we will do our work via, Skype, conference calls, letters, phone calls and such.   […]