I’m reaching out because i wanted to ask you to pray for FCC as the Lord in his providence has accelerated an important decision for us as a new church.  Essentially yesterday the school we have been renting confirmed that the permit to use the space on Sundays will go from 900/ monthly to 3k monthly.  By God’s providence and in this we see God’s care for us i believe on Sunday prior to this conversation and in anticipation that this coming summer we would not be able to continue to meet at the school for the summer months my wife and I happened to see a venue down the block from the school that we had looked at in the past now be available. So I called and met with the landlord who happens to also be a believer. The rent for the space which would be solely ours would be 3200 monthly.  In addition, this decision is time sensitive because we’d have to pay the school permit this week. 

I can see how this possible move would open many doors for ministry in our neighborhood, while obviously increasing of ministry costs which up to this point we have been able to keep minimal for longevity purposes.  
Would you pray God would give favor and if this is his will that as he leads he would use this space for the advance of his kingdom.  Would you pray that God gives us deep wisdom as we think through these things.  And finally would you pray for the necessities that would become necessary likes chairs etc… which become necessary if we make this change.  

Deeply thank for each of you and your partnership in the gospel,

-Ramny Perez

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